A Response to Museveni from Bobi Wine and Mathias Mpuuga

National Unity Platform’s (NUP) party president  Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu and leader of opposition Hon Mathias Mpuuga have responded to President President over lockdown.
Kyagulanyi says ‘’This is a scandal! We have had more than a year to plan and prepare for this moment. Gen. Museveni and his cronies chose to embezzle and steal the billions of money borrowed or donated in the name of COVID19. The money (in billions) which Ugandans donated in the first lockdown was grossly mismanaged. The Auditor General’s report revealed grand corruption in the management of COVID funds. While in countries like Malawi, the President cracked the whip and sacked ministers and officials who were involved in the fraud, Museveni has reappointed or even elevated officials who have chosen to enrich themselves at the expense of the lives of Ugandans.
So here we are! Oxygen is not enough. ICU beds are only 218 in the whole country! Ambulances are not enough. Last night, Gen. Museveni had the audacity to say that he had asked his officials to put in place 42,000 beds which was not implemented. How could they do this when they were busy looting and misappropriating the funds meant to manage the pandemic? Those who are unlucky to get very sick are asked to pay 5 million shillings every day in a country where most citizens have no health insurance! A complete mess.
Shame!!! During the election, in almost every district, we found brand new police vehicles and teargas trucks! We found poorly paid police officers carrying brand new guns! You all remember how much money in billions was spent ‘buying off’ some of our supporters! This is what the regime is interested in. They don’t care about your healthcare or welfare. All they care about is how to keep in power.
Faced with increasing deaths and people in critical condition, Museveni decided to impose a lock down for 42 days! The number of extremely poor and vulnerable Ugandans has been on the increase. Many Ugandans live hand to mouth. With no provision of social welfare, it is predictable what will happen. All Ugandans recall how the money meant to support vulnerable families with some food during the last lock down was swindled and the food itself couldn’t reach most people.
Liberation is the solution. As long as this corrupt regime still illegally presides over our country, we are bound to see the situation go from bad to worse. For now, I encourage all of you Ugandans to realize that we are absolutely on our own and take precautions to avoid getting infected.”

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